Backflipt App Builder

Enable citizen developers and IT operations to build enterprise secure and compliant applications with customizable CSS files using the low-code, no-code Backflipt App Builder platform. Build applications to establish a business flow or eliminate mundane tasks with an immersive user experience.

Create Apps

Build Standalone applications, embedded experiences with an immersive user experience in other apps like Salesforce, Outlook, or enterprise web applications.

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Build a workflow using Backflipt Flow Manger
Group 11 Copy
Add user interface pages using Backflipt App Builder and a CSS file
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Add authentication methods for the app
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Point a cloud service of choice to run the APP
1. Build Flow

Build a workflow using Backflipt Flow Manager

You can turn a workflow into a standalone application by adding UI pages and associating an authentication process.

Establish a Trigger, An Action and define the Experience using Backflipt Flow Manager.

2. Add user interface pages

Add user interface pages using Backflipt App Builder and a CSS file

Backflipt App Builder provides a rich set of out of box UI widgets that can be customized to your need. Enterprises can add CSS files to provide a seamless experience to users.

3. Add authentication layer

Add an authentication, even better integrate with enterprise SSO

Backflipt Platform provides out of the box widgets for enterprise user or administrator login pages. Applications are set up to work with enterprise Single Sign-On services or use the Backflipt platform to provide a secure, Basic auth feature.

4. Publish the Application

Run it in the secure cloud, or even better – run it in your cloud!

You have a choice to run the application in our SOC-2 compliant secure cloud at AWS, or you point the workflow to run in your enterprise hybrid cloud infrastructure.