Bhadra Flow Manager

You can quickly build a comprehensive workflow over multiple applications in your enterprise, eliminate repetitive mundane tasks with automation, or establish a standard "Flow” for a remote workforce.

Create workflows Convert enterprise process into workflows


Identify a trigger to start a workflow. Powerful and yet flexible!


You can automate a simple task or replicate a complex business flow with conditions.


You can get the "Flow” to recommend an update an application, send an email on your behalf, or send a message through Slack or Teams which only goes through after your approval.

Identify a trigger to launch your "Flow". Powerful and yet flexible!

Application Event Triggers- Bugs registered on Jira, new listed opportunities in Salesforce, or security alerts notified on PagerDuty can automatically trigger the workflow

Scheduled Triggers- You can run a scheduled "Flow" that runs like clockwork

Manual Triggers- You can initiate when you want to run your "Flow"


Automate a simple task or set a conditional "Flow"

You can ask the "Flow" for simple actions such as sending you a message when you get an email from a particular client to make sure you don’t miss it

Or you can build a conditional workflow that can check for all new events and notify you through a Slack or Teams message


Let the "Flow" work for you!

Can update a CRM with enriched contact information

Can adjust budgets in a marketing campaign on LinkedIn or Facebook

Can send messages once the "Flow" is completed