Intelligence powered automations to automate HR workflows using Backflipt Flow manager, or even better rollout new apps using no-code Backflipt App Builder

Sourcing New Talent

Automatically synchronize job descriptions between HRMS sourcing platforms, gather and score new prospects.
Route the offer letters for signature, list in the payroll system and update the finance records

Employee Onboarding

Automate onboarding process using Backflipt-Flow Manager, and analytics from Enterprise graph from Backflipt-Graph
Enterprise Graph automatically identifies the list of applications for the new user, routes the approvals thru social channels, and updates the service platform's device configurations.

Employee Experience

Automate and synchronize HR role transformations across all platforms using Backflipt Flow Manager. Backflipt Graph will continuously learning engine with new additions and changes to roles in the organization.

Employee Wellness

Empower enterprise users will information about time they are spending in meetings, on-site or offsite and more importantly compared to colleague. Help them automate process to subscribe available calendar to fitness activities.
Micro Apps are built using Backflipt Enterprise Graph signals presenting the user's activities across applications. The Enterprise Graph can summarize teams' activities like time spent in meetings and offsite activities for managers.

Secure Off-boarding

Automatically synchronize all enterprise systems, de-provision, notify the appropriate groups and role changes using workflows by Backflipt-Flow manager