Modernizing Legacy Apps

Backflipt No Code platform enables enterprises to rollout custom applications with integrated business process logic as a layer on top of the existing Legacy applications. With an active abstraction layer, the enterprise can systematically replace the legacy functionality with newer cloud resources.

CIO, CSO - Perspective

CIOs have the digital transformation of current business processes as a top objective. Many of the businesses rely on old, legacy applications to run essential services. The legacy application users have been demanding a new generation SaaS application-like experience to manage and run these processes. However, these applications do not provide proper integration methods like REST APIs. To give a modern end-user experience in such scenarios, you need a no-code platform that can integrate the new SaaS apps and the legacy apps using alternative methods, such as using RPAs. This approach allows the companies to free up their resources from managing legacy processes and focus on business innovations.

Accelerate time to market

Roll out new applications with integrated process automation 5X faster.

Optimize on the budget

Cut down the cost of ownership by 50%, monitor and scale resources with demand.

Correct by construct

Roll out apps 5X times faster, focus on behavioral aspects rather than code correctness.

Iterate and explore

Shorten your definition, development phases by 50%. Experiment with compelling ideas before a production release.