Automated workflows, fully customized to your organization structure to monitor, alert and act on critical incidents. 

Incident Management

Customized workflows with right alerts, skip to the alert that matters to you directly. Set the right escalation levels upon an incident, gather data from different systems and real-time ability to send customized message to the stake holders 

Help Desk Automation

Workflows that bring customized information to the help desk teams to resolve the issue in short order. Gathering information from service logs, and user reports can certainly shorten the resolution times for issues. 


Workflows with intelligence that will help the IT organizations to synchronize the information from HR, AD and other resources to act in-time to provision, de-provision users in real-time. Drive information to analytics for dashboard 

Manage Churn

Workflows that can help alert in time on incidents across product issues, billing issues or roadmap issues. Gather, co-relate data in real-time to notify. Customize workflows that fit your organization.