Backflipt Value

We know that you have choices for workflow tools, but here are some differentiating aspects of the Backflipt Platform

Single platform for citizen developers to create workflows and transform the workflows into applications.

Build complex workflows with custom entities. The platform gives enterprises the ability to add custom application services and entities to build compact workflows.

Build reliable and resilient workflows. Citizen developers can set which parts of the workflow can be retried; the control is in your hands!

Establish congruity among applications while running Workflows. Backflipt provides an ability to designate workflows to be run concurrently or sequentially, across the organization or for an individual user.

Uber Enterprise Graph Service Layer aggregates graphs from Enterprise apps and application API services into easy to consume intelligent blocks information.

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Enrich applications and workflows using Enterprise Uber Graph. Uber Graph is an enterprise Graph that rides on top of application graphs like MSFT, SAP, FB, and API services. Enterprise Graph creates smart units of information that can be easily integrated into Micro-apps.

Deliver an embedded experience - Salesforce, Emails, Enterprise WebApps. We understand that your teams are trained and don't like to switch between apps; the Backflipt platform will enable citizen developers embedded Workflow and Apps as an embedded experience.

Backflipt service framework allows an enterprise to add custom applications and services to the platform using the no-code methodology. Enterprises add custom entities to assist process flow beside the rich set of operators that are provided.

More than 250+ Integrated Services for Enterprise User Productivity and Datacenter, Dev Ops services.

Build here and run in your cloud. One-click run time deployments that automatically scale and meet your security and compliance posture.