Automate Sales process with Automated workflows, replicate practices resulting in revenue using Backflipt Graph intelligence.

Lead to Opportunity

Automate the effective sales practices that are converting the leads to opportunities in your organization. 
Build a flow that primes the inside and field sales with most interested and most likely close deals based on the look-alike win from last quarter.

Opportunity Management

Replay the result-oriented sales practices, automated workflows that reduce the selling cycles. Keep the remote sellers fully educated using workflows using Backflipt Flow manager, with intelligence provided by Backflipt Graph
Build a flow that helps the sellers to engage customers with relevant product updates or newly written case studies from look-alike wins.

Streamlined closing

Automate the information exchange between sellers and the service providing teams with a 360-degree view of the engagement. Workflows that can trigger automatically the invoice process, reducing the Order to cash cycles.


Go deep and wide in the current engagements, automatically surface cross-sell and upsell opportunities using Backflipt Graph intelligence and democratize the process using Backflipt Flow workflows