App Initiatives

Digital Transformation

Citizen developers and business owners can roll out new applications with No code platform, customizable user experience, and integrated business logic. A no-code platform with customizable workflows will integrate the business needs, enabling a faster rollout and quicker adoption of the digital transformation initiative. 

CIO, CSO - Perspective

Digital transformation continues to dominate the CIO budget. Digital transformation 2.0 is not about automating a specific manual task for efficiencies but automating the complete business process to deliver better customer experience.
Digital transformation 2.0 has to provide a method to include the 1.0 digital transformation, like BOTS used for specific tasks. In addition, as the software industry continues to roll out best-of-breed point solutions, the Digital transformation 2.0 initiatives should integrate these services seamlessly.

Accelerate time to market

Roll out new applications with integrated process automation 5X faster.

Optimize on the budget

Cut down the cost of ownership by 50%, monitor and scale resources with demand.

Correct by construct

Roll out apps 5X times faster, focus on behavioral aspects rather than code correctness.

Iterate and explore

Shorten your definition, development phases by 50%. Experiment with compelling ideas before a production release.