Automated workflows and applications that can enable real-time visualization of financial reports.

Quota to cash

Streamline with automated workflows CPQ and Quote-to-Cash process. Workflows that automate the revenue generation process with pricing, quoting, contracts, invoice, billing and order management. Alerts on revenue recognition events and renewal opportunities.

AP and procurement

Workflows that can alert on new purchases, aged invoices by automatically gathering real-time data from CRMs, billing and other platforms. Automatically synchronize the vendor records across systems. 

Audit and Compliance

Workflows that can gather, populate the directories for audit trails. Triggers that can a launch a audit process, automatically invite and notify the parties. 


Workflows that can trigger upon meeting revenue goals or notified on missed objectives with an ability to pipe the data to visualization tools for a comprehensive data. Intelligent co-relation on similar deals and similar situations in prior quarters.