App Initiatives

Enabling remote Teams

Using Backflipt No-Code platform, enable onboarding of new employees with shorter training cycles. With the purpose-built applications, enterprises can limit remote users' actions to necessary action. 

CIO, CSO - Perspective

CIOs and CSO's with functional heads are dealing with continuously evolving challenges of mobilizing the remote workforce. As CXO's offices deal with security, operational and business heads must ensure the business continuity is not impacted as new processes are rolled out.
Backflipt's No Code platform enables businesses to roll out purpose-built applications precisely mapped to the user roles; these applications will limit access to information as required to complete the tasks. Purpose applications will eliminate a need to remotely access business-sensitive applications like SAP, Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, etc.

Accelerate time to market

Roll out new applications with integrated process automation 5X faster.

Optimize on the budget

Cut down the cost of ownership by 50%, monitor and scale resources with demand.

Correct by construct

Roll out apps 5X times faster, focus on behavioral aspects rather than code correctness.

Iterate and explore

Shorten your definition, development phases by 50%. Experiment with compelling ideas before a production release.