Effective marketing across all channels, unified intelligence powered process automation.

Planning your campaigns

Workflows that will automate the planning and helps you gather real-time analytics to measure against the objectives. Backflipt Flow manager can help you measure the impact of your campaigns in real-time so you can course correct. 

Generating Effective campaigns

Automatically Check, compare, evaluate thresholds, and re-adjust spend based on campaign/program performance.
Update campaigns, generate reports and alert the demand gen team with right information

User acquisition 

Synchronize the leads between the campaign management tools and CRM. Alert respective sellers upon a qualified lead with workflows that alert with deep with sales material

Synchronize campaigns

Automatically synchronize the assets across all marketing channels and running campaigns.

Analytics for revenue

Workflows that provide you a real-time 360-degree view of outreach campaigns, trigger the right analytics and alerts when ROI goals are met.