Enable support teams with automated workflows and apps that can help them serve customers better. Build excellent customer experience with reduced churn. 

Customer Intelligence

Workflows that help you gather customer journey thru the product gathered across different systems. A 360-degree view that can help you understand the customer experience to help retain, upsell and cross-sell.

Meantime to resolution MTTR

Workflows that will help the service teams to automatically reconcile, synchronize information upon an incident. Intelligent workflows that will provide pointers to successful prior resolutions on similar incidents 

Customer driven product stack

Workflows that can gather support related information, with CRM data and present with related product line helping the product teams to include features and fixes for better customer retention and cross-sell opportunities. 

Manage Churn

Workflows that can help alert in time on incidents across product issues, billing issues or roadmap issues. Gather, co-relate data in real-time to notify. Customize workflows that fit your organization.